Milton Glaser—Booklet and Mobile Experience


Origami paper concept (left), Silhouette concept (right)
Folded paper concept (left), Psychedelic concept (right)
Grounded in reality concept

Sketches Process

Mixing and matching pages and two main ideas
Order of spreads is top down
Order of spreads is top down
Comments I made from Brett’s suggestions

Version 2

Version 2
Three iterations of the last page spread
Iterations and ideating the last spread

Version 3

Three Spread Versions
Trying out different layouts for the grid
Next iterations

Version 4

Mobile Experience

Site Map
App Sketches
More app sketches
Menu page
Timeline Inspiration — Google Doodle Pride Day
Timeline layout
Timeline overall
Main landing screen
The About page
The Timeline Page
The Work Page
I heart NY page
Bob Dylan Poster page

App Runthrough



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