Special Carriers

Understanding and creating packaging

September 23, 2020

Built in stand (upper left and right), Layers securing a handle (lower left), Easy access to product (lower right)
Notes on existing flower bouquet carriers

Prototyping and brainstorming

September 28, 2020

Brainstorming ideas and sketching prototypes
A mini prototype to the prototype was made so I could understand the geometrical net of a slanted cone
My “net” for the slanted cone
The cardboard translation of the net (left) and the assembled cone with a sketching of the lid (right)
Creating the tabs for the lid
Adding the handle
The finished prototype 1!!
Notes on improvements
The sketch for prototype 2: hexagonal pyramid
The basic structure of prototype 2
The finished prototype 2!

Moving forward:

Back at the drawing board

September 30, 2020

Sketch of the diamond shaped prototype
The unsuccessful triangular pyramid top
Sketch of possible handle attachers
Handles I created
Testing the durability of the handle

Moving forward:

Back at the drawing board (again)

October 6, 2020

Refining the first iteration
The net for the new version!
The carrier
Here is the finished prototype 1.1 (second iteration of the first prototype)
Sketches for the new, simple model
Paper stencil
The final design for prototype 4
Assembling prototype 4

Moving forward:

A fresh start

October 7, 2020

Bringing the design to life
Fixing the issue with opening of the side door
Before without the cut out (left) and after the cut out(right)
Sketching different cut out designs
Turning the carrier into a vase (top left), removing the flowers (top right), carrying the flowers (bottom left), and assembling the carrier (bottom right)

Moving forward:


October 13, 2020

The comments made by the apple carrier group
Quick notes from class
Sketches of the mechanism to hold the handle in place
Folding method
Strapping method
Slotting in (left), View of secured handle (middle), Inside of the carrier with slotted handle (right)
Now there is room for the flowers!
Slotting the handle (left), The secured handle (middle), the inner workings (right)
Slotting in the handles

Moving forward:

Final Stage

October 19, 2020

The scrapped design
Testing the new handle mechanism
The handles acting as a holder
Folding down a piece of the side with a hole for the bouquet
Adding a stabilizer for the flowers in the center using an extended panel
New design with inner paneling
Tab from the panel (at the top) inserts into the slit
The gap created from using a single door
Annotated alterations of extending the panels (left), minimized gap (right)
Visual cue for the tab

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