The Animal

Constructing the animal from up-cycled materials


Research and drawings
Loose whooping crane sketches
Structural analysis


March 1, 2021

Graphing animals
Crane poses
Breaking the form down into simple shapes
Head and tail
Paint brush tube as a binder
Sketches of wing mechanism
Wing movement
How bird wings fold
Body and wings
Prototype 1.0 photos

Moving Forward:


Working on the legs and feet
Opening the wing
3/4 view
Prototype 2.0

Moving Forward:

Finalizing the Model

March 12, 2021

Problems that needed to be addressed in the next prototype

The neck/head area

Added neck transition!
Decapitated looking neck to less decapitated looking neck
(Left) Old beak, (right) New beak

Feathers and Tail

Wing tip change!
(left) Old tail, ( right) New tail
(left) Old tail transition, (right) New tail transition


Wing proportion difference of the old iteration
Wing proportion difference of the new iteration

Wing attachment

Clorox lid attached to body (old)
Slit technique
Two hole technique
Wedge technique
Underside of the wing on the finished model
The final whooping crane model

Design and CS student at Carnegie Mellon University